Exotic Vegetable Chips Terra

Terra Chips are extravagant vegetable chips - natural and colorful from different special vegetables from all over the world. Terra Chips make us discover the many wonders of nature. They combine the features of healthy bites like olives and the fun of traditional salty snacks. They’re an answer to both craving and tasting. And they’re as stylish and special as you are! Prepared from exotic root vegetables (taro from Polynesia, yucca from Central America, sweet potato from South America, etc.), the Terra chips surprise and please the senses of all gourmets by their delicious and original taste and presentation. Remarkably less fat and less salty than traditional potato chips, the Terra chips are unmistakably the ideal choice for an original and delicious appetizer or as a first-class ingredient in a meal or in addition to a fanciful plate of hors d’oeuvres.

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